Rin 9

Here’s chapter 9. It looks like there’s a little bit happening all over the place. The story just jumps from person to person and I wonder what’s up with that Inoi guy.

Really need a few more Japanese Translators!! Also, send in any fanart for Rin and I’ll include it in the next release. Just contact us via e-mail at admin@rycolaa.com
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7 Responses to “Rin 9”

  1. ant says:

    thanks for the release. ^^

    and just wondering, have you tried today’s cleaning method? the one that using topaz etc…

  2. ant says:

    I just remembered that some people don’t like to use filter when cleaning, which topaz is one of those filter.

    and now I not really sure sure if method that I know is can be called today’s method since people already use it since several years ago. but I think a lot of all scans group now use this cleaning method that use topaz.

  3. ant says:

    lol I messed up my words in previous comment, since I think I thinking too much.

    • ryColaa says:

      I use topaz a bit, but I don’t think I’ve figured out the right settings to optimize the quality. I haven’t really played around with it much.

      • ant says:

        yeah, to get right setting is the one that will take time.
        btw, how much time you need to clean a page?

        • ryColaa says:

          i just choose a setting, then use an action and apply it as a batch, then each page probably takes a few minutes since I like to redo borders and depending if there’s any redraws to attempt.

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