Rin 32

Actually finished the chapter a few days ago, but was too busy to release it. The international is in a week, lets go Team Secret.

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10 Responses to “Rin 32”

  1. Daniro says:

    I hate you at The same time i love you, thanks for The chapter <3

  2. Caminante says:

    I must read it once more time…
    Thanks a lot!

  3. kuela says:

    Hmm.. So good. Hope He sees Rin is the one, not Honda.

    ps: Go team Fnatic!

    • Kx says:

      Rin sure is the one… to give him hell. He’s already tasted a bit of that hell on the island. My advice would be to go for the “normal” girl. If he is reasonable. Honda is healthier than Rin, for one. But our hero is passionate before reasonable, isn’t he? Worse for him, better for us, readers.

  4. Askance says:

    Thanks For the Chapter!

    Go Cloud9!

  5. hg says:

    Thanks for the Great chapter. Every chapter in this manga always meaningfull and give us spirit.
    So sad to wait for 1 month to get another chapter >.<

  6. StrenX says:

    Thanks for the chap!

  7. James says:

    Ooo dream romance.

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  9. orofeus says:

    I’ve been reading you RIN scanlations for a while, but hadn’t come over here to thank you for the hard work. So anyway, thanks a lot 😉

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