Rin 24

Happy Bangsgiving.

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10 Responses to “Rin 24”

  1. denounce says:

    That was.. A good read.. Excellent. The world is fucked up as it is.. Being able to read a manga like this, to escape just for a moment.. Is something we all need..

    Thanks for the hard work getting the raw, cleaning and translating the manga.

  2. kelval says:

    Thanks a lot for the chapter, and for translating this great manga.

  3. Caminante says:

    I could hardly have a peek at the previous chapter, but this was a great one. Thanks a lot!

  4. Mogadishu says:

    Thank you for always making sure you have Rin scanlated every month, I really appreciate it (since this is the only manga I read)! As usual, Sakuishi always leaves me wanting for more.

  5. fodderchara18 says:

    Great chapter as always!

    So glad you guys are translating this manga, thank you very much!!!!!

  6. Valthanders says:

    I really like this chapter, Thx for the chapters!

  7. Spengbab says:

    I know the statuses aren’t up to date, but the Rin 25 raw seems to be available on Senmanga, at least.

    • ryColaa says:


      I see that Rin 26 is out at senmanga, but I’m not aware how to download raws there

      • Spengbab says:

        Yeah I’ve been fiddling with FMD for an hour now but can’t get it to rip Rin from Senmanga. I can only thing of screenshotting every page but that’s madness inducing. No ideas here.

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