Rin 21

Looks like shit’s about to go down next chapter, I feel like I have a vague idea of what is going to happen. But it’s pretty cool that we know more about Torus and Sawamura Eichi. Might do another version of this when the tank comes out, but don’t hold your breath.

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5 Responses to “Rin 21”

  1. spacepirate says:

    thank for the always scanlating rin rycolaa!

  2. Ryuuji Kei says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. anon15432 says:

    Thanks for another chapter! Can you update the status, please.
    Keep up the good work| Ganbatte!

  4. Sleeping Forest says:

    Thanks for another release! Thanks for scanlating this when other groups have failed to pick up on this gem. I’d love to donate to you guys in bitcoins for the work you are doing.

  5. denounce says:

    Damn it.. Damn it.. Damn it.. I hate this sort of thing..

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