New Series: Rin Chapter 1

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

So Harold Sakuishi, the mangaka behind BECK recently came out with a new series. I loved BECK and decided that I really wanted to do this series. After some searching, I was finally able to find a translator and it’s all thanks to Dowolf that this release is possible. Anyway Merry Christmas and enjoy the release. Download Links will be posted shortly and you guys can read it online for now for those who can’t wait.

Also, this is a monthly series and if someone can get me raws in the future, that’d be great. Especially if they were good raws because I didn’t have that much to work with here.

I also wrote a short description as:
Fushimi is a high-school student who also aspires to be a mangaka. Rin is a model who appears to be able to see the future. What will happen in the future?

If someone can think of a better description, please let me know.

Click Here to Read Rin Chapter 1 Online
Other Online Readers : Please Wait 24 hours before uploading to your site.

Download Links : Rapidgator || Bitshare

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6 Responses to “New Series: Rin Chapter 1”

  1. Chronium says:

    Thank You So Much!!! 😀

  2. lolman says:

    YES!!!!!!!!! thanks man :)

  3. RS456 says:

    That figures. That is why is was so similar to Beck.

  4. mero says:

    its been a while since I heard rycolaa release…
    welcome back to scanlation world ^^

  5. J says:

    Both links dead
    Reupload please

    • ryColaa says:

      Please check manga download links at the top, it will lead you to the main download page where you can find a direct download link.

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