New Series: Kuneru Maruta 1

So this is a new series called Kuneru Maruta.  Big thanks to hayatakun for translating this.  This manga is by Jing Takao and seems to be a lighthearted comedy about this Portuguese woman who lives in a temple in Japan.  It seems to chronicle the life of this woman who is a Gourmandise .

Here is a summary taken from Mangahelpers and written by tethysdust:
Marta is a friendly, happy Portuguese girl who lives in Japan. She loves Portuguese food and often breaks into dance. The story begins when an uncertain delivery man brings a package of Portuguese ingredients to Marta’s apartment, where she is hanging out in a swimsuit.

As Always, looking for more Japanese Translators.

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2 Responses to “New Series: Kuneru Maruta 1”

  1. AegisXI says:

    Interesting, thnx for the chapter

  2. DracMonster says:

    Thank you for the release! This made me grin, I’m getting a vibe that it’s a bit like a grown-up Yotsubato.

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