New Prince of Tennis 97-98

Sohma seems to be on a roll today.

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9 Responses to “New Prince of Tennis 97-98”

  1. tyl says:

    Will you guys consider doing the missing chapters (68-92) once you’ve caught up?

    • ryColaa says:

      It depends on the translator, but you can find the missing chapters at most of those manga reader websites.

      • tyl says:

        Those I’ve seen are retranslated to English from Chinese, so I’m not too sure about the accuracy, so I’d definitely like to see a Jap->Eng TL-ed version. Here’s hoping your TL would be interested.

    • Riku says:

      @tyl: Are chapter 68-92 missing? Didn’t really notice that, because all those chapters are actually available in a bunch of online readers. (Only noticed nothing after chapter 93 was done… and some chapter before that had a horrible typesetting…) Can’t promise anything, but If I have time I’ll consider translating those chapters too…

      • tyl says:

        68-92 were done by some unknown group using what I assume are Chinese scans because they are watermarked by a Chinese group. (I didn’t check all the chapters, just some of them.) And not all of them are cleaned/typesetted nicely, so I kinda stopped reading after JAC stopped releasing them. (67 was their last chapter) If you manage to catch up with the latest chapters, I’d really love to read your scans/translations of those chapters if you can do those too! ^^

  2. PrionBlank says:

    I’m back again :) Thanks for releasing New Prince of Tennis — I’m cool with both of us working on this series :3 I hope to see more of RIN — and also thank you for giving me a very big idea! It’s secret for now on what it is — but I will be forever grateful for the idea you gave me :)

  3. Karasu says:

    Excuse me, I’m the current typesetter for the other group that picked up New Prince of Tennis before you up scanlated it again. I was wondering if you did try to find out if someone was actually scanlating it before you resumed working on it, or if you just disregarded the other groups who may or may not be working on it. As much as I do respect and love your group for releasing the original and also Eyeshield 21, this does not mean I will stand aside while I see MY projects being stolen from under my feet. I would so love to talk to you regarding this, but for now, I will need to calm myself. I am awaiting your reply and hope that we can talk about this and I shall try to be as civil as possible. Thank you.

  4. Ashi says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

  5. liltle says:

    yay! for rycolaa for picking this series. have been a fan of yours for years. thank you so much!!

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