New Prince of Tennis 94-95

Here’s chapter 94-95! This is all thanks to the translations of Sohma Riku. This concludes Volume 10 and more might come, but it will be from magazine raws as Volume 11 hasn’t come out yet.

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5 Responses to “New Prince of Tennis 94-95”

  1. HikaruYami says:


    I haven’t read any of your scanlations since Prince of Tennis and Eyeshield 21 ended (I don’t remember which ended more recently), but New PoT has needed you for sooooo long!

    Mind you, I still think this series is terrible, even worse than the ending to the original PoT, but with you scanlating it I WILL READ IT FOREVEEEEER

    • ryColaa says:

      That’s nice to hear. As long as the translator continues, we will continue. I also think this series seems a bit lacking compared to the original.

  2. HK says:

    I love New PoT. Thank you for picking this manga up. I’m really not that into sports, but Prince of Tennis and New Prince of Tennis is something I’ve been reading and watching for a good while.
    Thank you!

  3. PrionBlank says:

    Umm may I inquire as to which and why releasing new chapters of New Prince of Tennis when we’re already working on it :/ that’s counter-productive to the world of scanlation + it’s not really fun to see my favorite scanlation group that works on my favorite manga RIN to be doing this :( when we’re working on this series… :(

    Just a friendly message from Kisu KMS Founder — PrionBlank

    • ryColaa says:

      Sorry, that wasn’t really my intention. Prince of Tennis is one of the original series I worked on and I only stopped mainly due to lack of translations and staff. New Prince of Tennis hasn’t really seen any consistent scanlations in a long time and I figured as long as the translator is willing, I wanted to try and do it once more.

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