Kick No Onee-san 3

Finally, after so long, here’s a new release of the series. However, I must stress that I have no more translation scripts available to me and am looking for a Japanese translator to help with the series. There are only 3 volumes and that means about 30 chapters of content in total for the series. So hopefully someone will volunteer to help and you can reach me at my e-mail which is rycolaa[at]

Translation was provided by Myao and editing done by Crayola.

Anywhere, here are the download links and if you need the download links for chapters 1 and 2, just check the manga projects page at the top.
Rapidgator || Bitshare

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3 Responses to “Kick No Onee-san 3”

  1. AJ says:


    good to see u back.

    just hope that u will also pick some of your old projrcts.
    like godhand teru..


  2. jay says:

    Glad to see you’re trying to get back up and running. If you do continue doing projects please continue doing Shinbashi no Miko, I really liked what I saw so far from it.

  3. Blue exile says:

    Thanks for the translation! Keep up the good work! ^^

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