Feel 100% = New Series

New Series, first 3 volumes are already translated, though it’ll probably take some time for me to get each chapter ready with my current workload. I’m hoping to maybe get one chapter out a week, but it might become every other week. We’ll see how it goes. This is all thanks to a new translator, Esmeralda, so big thanks there!

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Download Link: DDL

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3 Responses to “Feel 100% = New Series”

  1. lazyxoxo says:

    I remember chasing after this comic.back in the early 2000s. Waited years for it to finish. It was a great hk comic

  2. anissoso says:

    Hi. I read this comic during my high school years back in the early 2000s and remember that I didn’t finish it. So, please continue with this project because I’ll be waiting. Thanks :)

  3. Bulz says:

    Where is next chapter?

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