Frequently Asked Questions

Please comment at the bottom if you have any questions.

Q: Will you be uploading any of your old manga projects on to the website?
A: I don’t plan on bringing back most of the old projects I’ve worked on and putting up downloads for them or putting them on the reader. There are a few series that I might do it for however, such as Happy Tennis since I have done it in its entirety and also possibly Houkago Wind Orchestra if I’m ever able to get the project started again. If you’re looking for Eyeshield 21, Prince of Tennis, Yu Yu Hakusho, and maybe other series, it is unlikely that I will be putting the download links up for those. These are all manga that have been released in its entirety in English and you should look to support the creators by purchasing the volumes.

Q: Will you be uploading any of your old Youtube projects on to the website?
A: I will try and upload as many of them as I can. However, I have lost many of the original files and some may be reuploading in lower quality because I had to rip some of them off Youtube a while back.

Also, if any links are down, please let us know via e-mail: admin@rycolaa.com
In regards to reuploading videos, those may possibly take a bit longer, but for manga, I should be able to do those pretty quickly.

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